Terms & Conditions

Regards to payment for farmstay only.

When making a booking for accommodation we have a 2 week cancellation policy. If you are wanting to book the Cottage or the Stable rooms we will need credit card details to make a confirmed booking, the card will be debited 2 weeks before the due date, if you cancel inside the 2 week period leading up to the stay there is no refund, if however the weather turns unbearable we can either transfer the booking to another date or do a refund. Bookings for the horse ride is also taken with credit card details. depending of the no. of guests riding there is a cancellation period, if there are only 2 guests then we need 1 day cancellation period if there are 4 guests then we need 2 days cancellation period, if there are 6 or more guests then the card will be debited 1 week out from the date, no refunds unless the weather out here at Stoney Creek is to bad to ride. Guests that have made a booking in one of our accommodation places as well as booked a horse ride then choose to cancel the horse ride booking without prior arrangements, will still be charged for the ride as we would be refusing other genuine guests that want to ride as we can only accommodate 10 riders at a time.


Horse Riding Code of Conduct

While in the ride. We will put you on a horse that will suit your riding ability; we take novices all the time. We have steady horses to suit the novice rider, but if you tell us that you are a competent rider we will put you on a horse that will suit you. It can be difficult starting the ride as the horses prefer not to leave this area, but once you are on the trail and started you’ll find it easier. We can only give you some basic instructions but if you want more information on how to ride please ask the guide. On the ride. your expected conduct. Remove any items that can get lost on the ride, jewelry, wallets, loose sunglasses. ect. Some horses walk slower then others so if your guide instructs you to encourage your horse then give the horse the encouragement that you have been shown. Riders must ride behind the guide at all times. Experienced or novice riders will not overtake other riders so as not to cause an accident. Try to keep your horse at a safe distance behind the horse in front. If your horse is laying his ears back then that is an indication that he is not happy with another horse that has come into his space, please move your horse away from that horse. If you feel that your saddle has come loose or something else is wrong with your equipment, then please let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments. Try not to laugh loud or make loud noises, especially screaming as it will startle the horse. If you feel that you are feeling unsafe and don’t want to continue, let the guide know and you can dismount and not continue, you will forfeit your ride. If you choose to only do one half of the ride the charge is the full cost of the ride. Trotting is allowed but only when the guide gives the word and only if all participants agree. Cantering is allowed if all the participants are competent at the discretion of the guide and only when the guide says so. No smoking, No phones. No cameras. When you get back to the homestead for refreshments please bring your helmet with you. Do not leave the helmet on the saddle. We take all precautions to minimize risk of accident, but due to circumstance outside of our control you can get seriously hurt while participating in a horse ride. This is an adventure trail ride, and you are mounting an animal that can think for itself. If you have not informed us that you are heavier then our allowable weight or your height and weight looks unsafe on a horse then we reserve the right to refuse you.

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